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Community Spirit

We have had a very busy summer at Clifford Country Store.

We worked hard to provide a wide selection of fresh, locally grown produce. This has allowed us to make amazing connections with local growers and producers in this community.

Let me introduce you to some of our suppliers.

Salem View Farm

Located just outside Clifford, Salem View Farm offers an incredible selection of meats, lamb and chicken.

The owners, Jordan and Sara, pride themselves on creating a true farm to table experience for their customers. This means high quality, ethically raised livestock.

We are pleased to have them as part of the Clifford Country Store family.

Raw Carrot

The cold weather is upon us and this means the chance to enjoy a bowl of soup. Raw Carrot

allows you to do this while supporting a great cause. The Raw Carrot is a social franchise that believes that every person who WANTS to work should have the opportunity for a Hand Up (instead of just a handout) in life!

Their soups are created by chefs with learning or physical challenges and sold at a variety of locations around the community. We are proud to support this important initiative and hope you will too. Check out a video of this amazing program.

Four All Ice Cream

All Natural. Hand Crafted. Naturally Sourced. That is the mantra of Four All Ice Cream, a new addition to Clifford Country Store this summer.

"We start our ice cream with fresh, all-natural, local Guernsey cow milk from Eby Manor farm, combined with local cream. We pasteurize our ice cream base in small batches at our Kitchener facility (aka the Four All Factory); which is also the smallest dairy plant in Ontario (400 square feet)! From there we combine local and/or responsibly sourced ingredients to achieve robust, full, deep flavour profiles - which are best described as "tasting deliciously real".

This rich and creamy ice cream is the perfect addition to any dessert all year round.

This company is female-owned and gives ice cream aficionados the chance to experience pure, old-fashioned ice cream creations.

Stop by Clifford Country Store today and support local businesses and entrepreneurs.

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