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A Month Later...

There have been lots of amazing things happening at Clifford Country Store. We have been open one month today and during that time we have got to meet some fantastic vendors.

We always wanted to be sure that we had products people really needed. so we assembled a collection of vendors who represent a variety of artistic mediums from woodworking to green products.

Before we get into the great products and news we have to share, make sure you are following up on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates on what's new.

We have also brought in some tasty fruits and veggies from local Mennonites that can't be beat. Everything is so fresh and perfect for staying healthy. As the summer heads into the fall we will continue to bring in seasonal produce so you never have to worry about the very best Ontario farmers can grow.

Clifford Country Store is now the favourite local place to pick up a gift for loved ones or spend some time with your best friend browsing. With Rooster's Perch Antiques next door, you can spend a whole afternoon searching for great pieces to add to your home's decor.

Clifford is the perfect place to stop on the way to the cottage. We have locally raised beef and chicken so you never have to ask 'what should we BBQ tonight?' It's all right here at Clifford Country Store.

In other news....we are pleased to have hosted our official grand opening last week where members of the local business community and elected officials popped by to check out the new space. We are also happy to have received at Community Improvement Grant which allowed us to make some much needed facade upgrades to our space. We encourage other local businesses to check out this amazing program.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Clifford Country Store!

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